Balayage Color


(ba-lie-azhe), from the French word meaning “to sweep”

is a method of highlighting which lightens from root to tip.Balayage Balayage is a more natural looking highlight. Your outgrowth is less noticeable because of the different angles used to paint your hair. Balayage is a softer, more natural highlight, leaving some contrast from your roots to ends. Each highlight has a beautiful hand-painted lead-in that allows the highlight to become stronger as it flows from the head. This makes it look much more natural.

The Balayage Process:

A lightening agent is painted on using a brush and paddle in a sweeping motion giving the stylist a bit more room to play, and less methodical streaks, very similar to an artist on a canvas. This process lessens the line of demarcation minimizing outgrowth. - The Village Salon    

 Unlike the more traditional foil, Balayage is more carefree and creates the look of multi-dimensional color and look of movement. Glossers are gentle semi-permanent hair colors that contribute great shine and even the tone without making a drastic change. Glossers combined with Balayage create amazing depth, texture and healthy luster. The shine can last for up to 6 weeks.

Is Balayage for Me? If you are the person looking for natural highlights, bold, contrast, less maintenance, or the sun-kissed look, then Balayage is right for you. Balayage can be applied so many different ways. The outcome is dependent upon how the product is applied, the different angles used, and the base color of your hair. Balayage is perfect if you are looking for softer highlights. Balayage Schedule an appointment today with one of our specially-trained Balayage stylists

Still Confused between ombre, somber, and balayage? You’re not alone.

Here are some tips to help distinguish the difference.


Ombre (picture on the left) – A French word meaning “shaded”. It is a graduated color of contrast. A style in which the roots are darker and graduates into a lighter color on the end. Ombre is a little more maintenance, especially if you are a natural blonde and are trying to keep the roots darker. And lightening all over can be a process for brunettes.

Balayage (middle picture) – A French word meaning “to sweep”. It is a free hand painting technique that allows you to create a more natural and customized look. The big benefit to balayage is that it grows out beautifully leaving it to be less maintenance than traditional highlights. Bayalage accepts all hair colors and textures.

Sombre (picture on the right) –  It is a combination between the ombre and balayage . (A soft ombre = sombre).  Sombre is less maintenance because the grow out is more natural.




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