Deva Curl Cut

deva-cutThe Deva Curl Cut, is no ordinary haircut.  A new way of thinking about your curls. Every curl is unique so every Deva cut is different. A dry cut bringing out the best in your curls.

Each Deva Curl experience starts with a one-on-one consultation with a Deva-trained stylist. Your stylist will examine your unique curl pattern and hair health, and listen to your concerns about your hair. Each lock of your hair can have a different density and dynamic composition, so each lock is treated with individual care.

The actual cut is where you’ll see the difference in the Deva cut. This is a dry cut, unlike traditional haircuts, as your stylist will work with your hair in its natural state. When you come to the salon for a Deva cut, be sure to come with your hair showcasing its natural curls. The cut will take longer than a traditional cut, as your stylist takes the time to help your hair achieve its most beautiful, natural, curly shape.

After the cut is complete, your stylist will wet your curls and wash them using the specially-formulated Deva line of haircare products.

Deva Curl contains no detergents or cleansers which can strip hair of the necessary nutrients for healthy curls.

Since a Deva cut is specialized, you’ll find that a Deva cut lasts longer than a traditional cut. Unlike other haircuts, which often require a trim within 4-6 weeks, a Deva cut will often last for months! - Village Salon    

Deva Curl Cut FAQs

  • What is a DevaCut?
    DevaCut is a specialized cut designed for people with naturally curl or wavy hair. The Stylists trained in this cut have been specially certified through the DevaChan Salon and Training Facility.
  • What makes a DevaCut different from a regular haircut?
    DevaCut is performed while the hair is dry and in its most natural state. The hair is cut curl by curl to ensure the most even haircut possible. It also helps to ensure that you can get the most amount of curl out of you hair.
  • Why do I need a DevaCut?
    Depending on how curly you are, naturally curly hair tends to be hard to cut. The reason being is when you wet curly hair it expands up to 50% of its length. When it dries it can shrink 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches, depending on the amount of curl in you hair. Different curls shrink to different lengths, due to their individual density. Your hair is not evenly curly all over your head, most curly clients have curly areas that are looser than others. Therefore these areas when cut wet to dry, can shrink on one side and appear to be longer than another. Even though technically this is an even haircut, on a curly client it can seem uneven and disproportionate.
  • Are there different types of curls?
    Curls are like fingerprints – there are no two that are alike. Mainly there are variations of three different types of curl: • Corkscrew, • Botticelli, and • Wavy curls.
  • How do I know which curl type I am?

    • Corkscrew curls are very tightly wound and often have lots of small coils of curls. The hair tends to be extremely dry and dull with a very high frizz factor. Corkscrew curls also tend to stand out from your head instead of lying flat.

    • Botticelli curls tend to vary in size and shape, usually they fall gracefully down rather than sticking out. Usually the hair is a medium or fine texture, however the hair is brittle or easily damaged. Botticelli curls can also be harder to wear because normally the top layer of the hair weighs the curl down making it appear less curly.

    • Wavy curls normally on humid days are extremely frizzy and have a tendency to look unkept. The hair tends to lie very flat in the crown, therefore most people with wavy hair have always believed their hair was straight.

  • How often will I need a DevaCut?
    Depending on the amount of curl in your hair, most curly clients can go 3 to 6 months before their next DevaCut.
  • Whats the best way to scrunch my hair?
    After cleansing and moisturizing your curls while you are still dripping wet, flip your head over and apply your styling products. Then using paper towels.
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