TLC Hair Treatments

hair treatmentSometimes you just want to treat
your hair to a little extra TLC.

The Village Salon offers a variety of TLC Hair Treatments including Olaplex Treatment,
Diamond Filler & Elixir Treatment,  Deep Hydration Treatment
and Antioxidant Hair Color Therapy.

Olaplex Treatment

Reconnects broken bonds INSIDE the hair

  • Links broken bonds making the hair stronger
  • Especially used with people who have damaged hair from excessive bleach
  • Olaplex can be mixed in with coloring products to minimize damage during coloring
  • Olaplex can also be used as a separate treatment

Diamond Filler & Elixir Treatment

An increadible solution to intensify and enhance the beauty of your hair

  • An anti-age system that strengthens and gives substance to hair
  • Counteracts frizziness making hair more manageable
  • Uses a “Filler Action” especially formulated for hair

Purify Treatment

Detox your hair by removing the minerals that have deposited themselves on each strand

  • 2 part treatment
  • Draw out hard water mineral deposits with a crystallized vitamin C wellness remedy
  • Prevent future deposits of malicious minerals
  • 100% vegan and gluten-free
  • Infuse moisture, shine and manageability with a targeted take home treatment

Deep Hydration Treatment

Unique blend of essential oils to hydrate, soften and restore radiance to dry hair

  • Moisturizes scalp and revitalizes hair
  • Restores shine and suppleness
  • Recommended before a color or highlight process
  • Reduces frizzy hair for up to 3 weeks

Antioxidant Hair Color Therapy

Neutralize any cuticle damaging free radicals in colored hair

  • Neutralizes peroxide damage
  • Helps color last longer
  • Allows for chemical services more often without damaging effects
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